Usage & Attitude/Category Studies

Now that you’ve checked out the competition,  you’d like to know how your customers feel. Let us help you find out with our Usage and Attitude Studies. They can cover a wide range of industries including consumer packaged goods, health and beauty aids, food, fast food, office products, hotel, industrial, healthcare, and high-tech products.

By working closely together, we can determine which competitors and competitive products or services should be studied, as well as all issues pertinent to the category at hand. Our goal is to take the consumer's perspective and use it to fully understand your position in the marketplace. 

Category usage information is obtained from the consumer as well as usage of your specific brand/service and competitive brands/services. Consumer attitudes about the category and about specific brands or services can then be compared at points in time, and over time, to further help you.

Featured Case Study

A manufacturer of soap dispensers used in public restrooms wanted to know where their brand stood against competition among building management professionals who specify and order soap dispensers.... more

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