Product Tests

At Farrand Research, we can conduct research on products from consumer packaged goods to fast food, and everything in between.

Depending on the complexity of the product involved, the test could be conducted in a central location where respondents are recruited to come at a specified time to use or taste products. Or we might conduct it in shopping malls or other central locations in a private interviewing booth. Tests can also take place at home or in the office.

Sometimes, products are complicated to prepare, or in some cases, items may require competitive product to be tested alongside a client's test product. In these instances, we can hold the tests in larger facilities that have adequate space, equipment, and an area to interview up to 25 or more people at a time.

We closely supervise all interviewing personnel and procedures to ensure the study is executed as designed. And field research facilities are available in nearly every city across the nation - in a single regional area or among a sample of geographically dispersed cities.

At times, it is necessary to have consumers test products at home or at work in the environment that the products would actually be used.  This is especially true when the process is a big part of the overall evaluation such as the ease of preparing a food item or certain product. We may target groups of respondents to ask them to take a product home to try for a specified period of time, (contacting them again for their opinions after giving them enough time to try the product).

We’ve conducted home-use-tests on food, health and beauty aids, and computer software and office products. In these cases, the product is given to respondents much as it would be sold at retail. And depending on the product to be used, consumers of the appropriate gender, age, etc. are given the product and are subsequently asked for their evaluation.

Featured Case Study

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Featured Case Study

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