Logo, Label & Package Testing

When it comes to packaging, beauty is in the eye of many, many beholders.

The overall design of your products’ packaging is important in getting it noticed on the shelf, and in turn, conveying your company image. So at Farrand Research, we conduct both qualitative and quantitative testing on different packaging and packaging elements.

This will determine which layout and look will be most successful with your consumers. Our package design studies also determine which package type, size, shape, weight, etc. is preferred or whether packaging changes may be made to reduce product costs while still maintaining consumer acceptance.

Sometimes a thorough product evaluation is necessary, so we’ll give respondents test packaging to take home to use over a specified period of time. (For example, products whose packaging characteristics may change with varying amounts of product left in the package).

They would then be contacted again for their evaluation of the package (or packages) after a specified usage period. Other packaging issues may be evaluated in a central location, either by mall intercepts or by pre-recruiting qualified respondents to come to a central location.

Featured Case Study

A bottled juice company was introducing a new energy juice drink and wanted to ensure that the label on the container clearly stated what this new product was and also was easily recognizable when placed on store shelves next to competition.... more

Featured Case Study

A large consumer packaged food manufacturer had developed alternative packaging for a snack product that would significantly reduce the cost of production.... more

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