How We Achieve Your Goals

As a large-scale, full service market research firm, you can relax knowing that Farrand Research can handle virtually all of your research projects. How do we do it? By utilizing the latest and most effective quantitative and qualitative data collection methods and technology:

  • Quantitative surveys: Involve a large number of interviews making the results projectable to the population. Our methods to collect interviews for quantitative research include the Internet, telephone and in-person interviewing.
  • Qualitative surveys: Designed to get a more in-depth understanding of underlying issues, they involve a much smaller number of participants. For this reason, most qualitative studies are done in-person. Qualitative surveys may include one-on-one interviews or group discussions in a focus group setting. Internet interviewing is also possible.

  • Our experience knows no borders: We also have many years of experience with research in different languages, cultures, and countries. Whether you need research in the US or internationally, we can get the culturally specific answers you need to be successful.

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