Avery Dennison - Director of Market Research
“Farrand Research has tested over 300 concepts for us and has become our preferred research supplier for concept and concept/product testing. I appreciate the level of detail and responsiveness that Farrand Research gives at each step of the process from the proposal request to the final presentation.

When I use Farrand Research I feel confident that the project will be well-executed and that I will get accurate, reliable results on time. The research provided by Farrand Research has helped our company to move forward with new products by providing us with clear direction.”

Hansen’s Beverage Company - Senior Vice President
“Farrand Research has worked closely with us on our research projects to ensure that each project is tailored to the specific marketing issue involved. We have tested new product ideas and actual products with Farrand Research. Their analysis of data has provided us with valuable insight which assisted us in refining concepts prior to introduction.

They have always been on schedule and on budget with thorough, insightful analysis and have been highly professional in all of our dealings with them.”

M.Cubed - Partner
“We used Farrand Research to help us design, implement, and manage an extensive telephone survey spanning several months as part of a project to characterize regional residential water uses. The telephone survey went off without a hitch, in no small measure because of the skill and commitment Farrand Research brought to the task. We look forward to working with Farrand Research on future projects and would not hesitate to recommend them to others.”

KleinMickaelianPartners - Managing Partner
Farrand Research is big enough and experienced enough to handle the most sophisticated, complex research projects (B2C, B2B), yet they are of a manageable size for excellent accessibility and responsiveness.  Perhaps the greatest credit to this firm is that when the President is not available – which hardly ever happens – others fill in and we don’t miss a beat.

Jack In The Box, Inc - Director of Market Research
“The research we have done with Farrand Research over the past several years has been a major component in our increased sales. By continually researching the whole range of our products, we have experienced real improvements in quality which have resulted in long term sales increases.

The level of attention given by Farrand Research and their experience in market research, and in our industry specifically, ensure that our research projects are tailored to our exact needs. We couldn’t be more satisfied.”

Con Agra Grocery Products - Market Research, Associate Director
"In the past eight years, Farrand Research has completed over 90 research projects for Con Agra Grocery Products, formerly known as Hunt-Wesson Foods. That number of projects shows how much we have relied on their expertise.

We are extremely pleased with the way Farrand Research has handled all of our research. This includes concept testing, central location tests, in-home use tests, usage and attitude studies, and various other types of research.

The attention to detail and level of experience we get from Farrand Research personnel have provided us with topnotch research and makes my job personally more efficient and rewarding.

I have recommended Farrand Research to others in the industry because I can rely on them."

Santa Clara Valley Water District - Assistant Engineer II
Farrand Research completed a large-scale research study related to consumer usage of water-saving devices. An RDD telephone sample was developed for Santa Clara County, CA, along with a questionnaire designed to encourage recruitment in the home survey process and to gather information on consumer awareness of County water conservation programs.  Interviews were conducted in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

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