Our Founder's Message

As the founder of Farrand Research, I’m proud to say that I started this company at a time when client side research professionals were being challenged to provide deeper insights and offer new approaches with fewer resources. Why proud then you ask? Well, even though client researchers were asking for more high-level assistance from their market research companies, I’m proud to say that we were able to deliver, and continue to do so today, as more and more companies and organizations have come to rely on us.

And now over 20 years later, all of that experience on both the client and vendor side of research enables me to completely understand the issues that can arise, as well as the high expectations that you as a client expect from market research.

I’m also proud to acknowledge that our goals when we started this company still apply today. And they are:

  • To provide the kind of service you expect (but often don’t receive).
  • To make our clients’ job easier, especially in today’s era of downsizing and increased workloads.
  • To continually challenge ourselves, and in turn, improve our research abilities to provide you with the best possible insights and approaches.

Furthermore, as a team of experts who are driven by excellence, our mission is to help our clients make better business decisions through our market research expertise. Our team approach allows us to make your needs our primary objective. And, because every client deals directly with a principal of Farrand Research, we will meet your  expectations on every project - all at the most competitive rates.

Request a proposal for your next upcoming project and let us put our expertise to work for you.


Tom Farrand

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