Our Corporate History

After many years  of working in market research for companies as diverse as Columbia Savings and Loan, The Dial Corporation, ConAgra Grocery Products (Hunt-Wesson Foods), and as the International Market Research Manager with KFC, Tom Farrand decided to start his own company in 1991: Farrand Research.

Soon, those very same researchers that he had worked with at Dial, ConAgra and KFC were putting our team at Farrand Research to work for them. Many of them continue to use Farrand Research today as a part of their marketing solution.

And now many years later, our client list has grown to include eighty different companies in a variety of industries, as well as different types of organizations including the State of California and the City of Los Angeles.

So no matter how big or small your business is, we can put our years of experience to work for you too. You’ll find us centrally located between Los Angeles and Orange County – in downtown Long Beach, California.

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